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Thank you for your correspondence to dated December 16, 2010. Your concerns were forwarded to for review and response.

I apologize for any inconvenience caused with respect to this matter. Unfortunately, I am unable to locate an account for you; however, I appreciate you reaching out to us so we can make things right. If you require clarification on any of the issues raised, please feel free to contact us directly at 888-813-0008.
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If this happends to you go to their on line support /web site at and fill in your information or just call them at 888-813-0008. I emailed yesterday and called this am and Bruce at Peoplesmart helped me out immediately and emailed me a note that my refund request was processed and forwarded my credit card company.

He indicated that the problem may have been the way their site was accessed from whitepages site and suggested next time go to directly.

Of course at this point I am reluctant to near it. Bye!

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How safe is anyone in this country if ANYBODY can look up your personal information in this manner. It is obvious there is no terrorist threat or these companies would not be in business. Just like the 43 million tourists who are allowed to enter New York City and wander freely with no background check whatsoever.


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