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Thank you for your correspondence to dated September 18, 2010. Your concerns were forwarded to for review and response.

I apologize for any inconvenience caused with respect to this matter. We value you as our customer and wanted to make your experience with PeopleSmart a positive one. As such, we canceled your membership and issued a refund for the amount in question.

When you purchased your original report(s) there was an offer for 7-day trial to the web site. It appears that you signed-up for this offer during the checkout process. The membership billed when the trial expired after 7 days, since there was no cancellation of the membership. I do apologize for the misunderstanding as to the membership package that was purchased. This was itemized for you at the checkout process where you would have put in your card information and also in the confirmation email that was sent immediately after purchase.

I appreciate you reaching out to us so we can make things right. If you require clarification on any of the issues raised, please feel free to contact us directly at 888-694-1992.

On 9/5/10 I went on line to to see if I could locate a cousin of mine. I order the original report at 1.95 to see his phone number. I wanted more information on him so I upgraded my report to the 18.00 report. On the website the advertised a free 7 day trial. I did not want this as I was only looking for my cousin which was a 1 shot deal. I checked my account and saw the two charges and did not think about anymore, because according to my caluclations 7 days from 9/5/2010 would put it at 9/12/2010 or 9/13/2010 at the latest. I saw no other charges on my account from so I thought no more about it.

Well on 9/18/2010 I checked my account and saw a charge from fro 35.40. So I went back to to check my out my account (to see) if I had one. Lo and behold I did. I did not know that when I initiated the charge for the $1.95 for the inital report that I would be charged an annual membership. You would think that when I upgraded the report for 18.00 the membership would happen. So, lesson number if you are using this site for a 1.95 search be careful, you are actually signing up for a membership. When you do cancel, you have to acknowledge that you had an account in the first place. Which sucks if all you wanted was one little report.

Then I noticed that my so called 7 day free trial ended on 9/18/2010. They charged my account on 9/17/2010.

I called customer service, which the phone number is not readily available for you to do so. So, I launched a number of e-mails and the number comes up with a message that states "You are not satisfied, please call us so we can make it right". I called.

The customer service representative attemtped to BS me and tell me that I knew I had an account and a membership. When I told her that I took screenshots of all of the pages and have printout's and my activities, I did not opt in for an annual memebership. She graciously (I used the term loosely) offered to refund my money in 2-5 business days and the attempted to get me off of the phone. I told her I was not finised and let her know that I was on my way to my bank to file a formal dispute, I was going to post my experience on line. I was also going to contact my states attorney general.

I have posted to you guys. I am now on my way to my bank. Please avoid these folks.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #667926

They did the same thing to me. Don't trust them.

California City, California, United States #665828

Overptice and absolutely NO COMPLETE infirmats as if they don't have anything on file BEFORE they went into business

Not woth the time NOR the $$$$$$$$

Difficult to get a refund with in 24 hours.

Eden Prairie, Minnesota, United States #594320

Wow!!Thanks for the input!!

I almost signed up with these guys..Not Now!


PLEASE CANCEL MY ACCOUNT DUE TO IT BEING DONE WITH OUT MY PROMISION IF THIS MATTER HAS NOT BEEN TOOKEN CARE OF BY WED. NOV.21 2012 my lawyer will be in contact with your company and action will be take ,please refund my account and thank you for taking of this issue


Same deal as everyone else.Peoplesmart is a scam!

Misleading you to purchase a $39.95 backbround check.DO NOT USE!!!


I was looking for one simple phone number, paid the .95 cents and lo and behold 8 days later my account was charged the $39.95. I will be contacting tomorrow to request a full refund. They are sure are smart, they have really hidden the fact you will be charged the 39.95.


I too tried to use the simple one-time search function, and thought I was very vigilant in ensuring I was NOT opted into any trial period, or membership.Despite my best efforts, I was still charged the $39.95.

I called and had it canceled and refunded, but am furious that they set up their webpage to be so misleading.What a scam.


Same to me in July 2012.




Same thing happened to me. The sorry pieces of trash needs the local DA's office to investigate them.


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