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Update by user Dec 29, 2017

Added situation to facebook to let EVERYONE know their business practices. A "supervisor" called me back.

After 120 days it's not their problem it's a dispute with the credit card. I went to their fb page and they hadn't posted since last President's day. I messaged them my fb post but I doubt that will mean anything.

I'm not backing down. I'm going to spend every spare moment I have letting people know it's a scam with HORRIBLE customer service.

Original review posted by user Dec 29, 2017

Just found out my sick 65 year old father's credit card has been used since 12/22/13 and charged $29.95 a month sin e then. The account was linked to a junk email account I use.

I've caught several fraud cases with this email including AppleID but none linked to my father's credit card. I lived between California and Florida during this time while my sick father lived in Michigan. I NEVER had access to his financial info and would NEVER use it. I also would never do a background check on anyone.

I have no need in my life for this service. I emailed the company all this info and they say they have a No Refund Policy but refunded my dad four months. It's been 5 years of fraud and they want to give him a 4 month refund? This is unacceptable.

I called and was given the run around of that's all they can possibly do even though it's fraud. I asked for her supervisor AND recorded the call. Someone is supposed to get back to me. We'll see how that goes.

Do not use this company.

I will be calling my local news business investigating team to try to get the entire amount refunded. This is beyond ridiculous and I believe the whole Peoplesmart company is a scam now.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Wow! Did I touch a nerve?

That happens when internet trolls get called out. You say I can't comprehend what's happening but really it's the opposite. The card was cancelled immediately upon noticing the charge. You seem to be very angry my father let this fraud happen for so long and you being 65 and also ill would or could NEVER let this happen.

Well my father doesn't just have a cold. He is gravely ill and has been for years. Between the heart failure, COPD, extreme abdominal nerve damage, blood clots in his legs, a tumor on his pancreas, gall bladder surgery, spleen surgery, extreme depression from losing all his freedom almost overnight going from a healthy man that worked hard and loved life to someone in constant debilitating pain. He weighs 100lbs because it hurts to eat.

He drinks ensure when he can and a feeding tube might be placed soon. I was told two years ago he didn't have much time left by his cardiologist because his heart failure is so severe.

You also can sign up for this company and pay monthly for unlimited searches. I have no need for that in my life.

I don't understand your anger or why you keep saying I'm trying to correct or delete information on their site. I could care less what info they have on me. I just want my father to get his money back. How wonderful would that be for him to get the refund and go on a trip somewhere he's never been and actually LIVE for a few days before you have to get back to real life and pray you die in your sleep at home and not in pain hooked up to loud machines in a hospital.

I get not noticing the charges for years was really dumb. I asked why he kept paying and he said he thought it was part of his phone or cable bill. His brain is very sick and the meds just make it worse.

I'm not saying Peoplesmart just picked his card and my junk email out of the air and started charging us for fun.

I'm saying neither of us signed up for the unlimited monthly background checks for $29.95 per month. The account was also not used a single time in all these years to do a single background check on anyone.

What I'm saying is this is obvious fraud. Their customer service did not care one bit and that enrages me because my dad does not need this aggravation right now.

When he called Peoplesmart they told him if he opened a credit card investigation I (his daughter) would go to jail because the account was in my name. Scare tactics by a scam company on a sick man. I convinced my father to ignore them and cancel the card and have the fraud department take care of it.

So you see Troll you really have no idea what you are talking about.

I wrote my post to warn people, create some awareness and take care of those who can't take care of themselves when scam companies like Peoplesmart get their greedy claws on a credit card number. Get a life!


What the *** are you talking about? Peoplesmart, like all the others, disgusts me with the way they post information, and much of it is inaccurate but continues to get spread around.

They certainly have my name all mucked up and wrong, but I have no intention of alerting them because I think they're all despicable. Anyhow, if they are charging your (father's) credit card since 2013, then somebody doesn't watch their statements very well! Dispute it with your credit card and, by all means, cancel the card!!!

Get it replaced!! I don't see how this could carry on for four years without anybody noticing.

to Boo #1411262

Oh, and why doesn't your dad take better care of his own affairs? Why are YOU writing on HIS behalf?

I am your dad's age, and I certainly do not have any of my children involved in my finances. Sixty-five is not old!

to Boo #1411289

My dad is extremely ill and has been for a few years now. He also has no idea how to use a computer.

I didn't say this company didn't have the correct information on us. Neither of us ever signed up and they have been charging him $29.95 a month for years which is FRAUD. The credit card is involved now but I would hope and assume this company would want to correct the issue once they had all the facts and not only did they not want to, they didn't care. My father is all I have in this world, if I want to spread the word on the internet so others can protect themselves and those they love I will spend every spare minute I have doing so.

Also I never said 65 is old but I hope it took you every one of those years to develop that nasty troll attitude. I couldn't imagine a life like yours.

Find love in something, share and protect it. Then you might understand why I am fighting my sick father's fight!

to user65509713 #1411420

You don't sign up for this "company". It is like all the other online people locators.

They attain information that anyone can get via public information and compile it on the internet. If you search the others, you'll be on there, too.

You lack information. Don't be a ***.

to user65509713 #1411422

I would never give this service more information. You are such a fool.

And I maintain that anyone who allows a monthly billing they "know" they didn't sign up for is a fool. Cancel you card.

Don't talk down to me about finding love. Maybe you should find some smarts, ***.

to user65509713 #1411425

You should also learn comprehension. I didn't say the company had misinformation on you.

How would I know who you are or what info is accurate? No, idiot, I said they have misinformation on me. Jaysus, you're dumb. I am ill, too, and I handle my own finances.

And no, I am not a troll. I would up here researching how to remove my info from this website. People like you, who clearly lack common sense, just complicate matters in life.

Get some basic knowledge and then solve your issues. I despise these online websites too, but there are so many of them, that removing your info from here won't keep it off indefinitely, nor will it remove it from other like websites.

to user65509713 #1411427

And, apparently this website blocks out words like {{Redacted}}

to user65509713 #1411438

Lastly, there is something off about your entire rant. You say this website fraudulently obtained and billed your father's credit card and then used one of your email addresses.

Come on. As much as I despise these sites, I doubt seriously they found a way to get hold of your card and your email address and then bill you (your father) for four years straight without either of you realizing it. You might want to backtrack it to see if anyone who has access to your fathers information and your email address signed up, providing that information. Even if that person backed out, or thought he/she had done so.

But four years of credit card charges is a mistake on your part (whoever maintains your dad's finances). Time to wake up, cancel the card by calling the credit card issuer and declare fraudulent charges. Ask for a new card to be issued to replace that card. You're in for a long haul if you think the bank is going to accept that you allowed four years of charges and are just now questioning them.

Good luck with that. You're clearly not mentally challenged, so I have no empathy for four years of stupidity. Has not a thing to do with love.

Take your love to the bank and try to pay your bills with it and see how far that gets you. Sheesh.

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